Boogie Nights

I am a massive music fan, I love all types of music as long as it’s good. My son played cornet in a brass band, drums in a heavy rap band and now guitar. I’ve gone to see him play and enjoyed them all. I love Tina Turner, Rod Stewart and Dido but my favourite was Reg Presley’s Troggs, they aren’t the same without him. Hubby loves 60s music and only 60s music, he won’t be dragged off to anything else so it’s hardly surprising that a great deal of our time is spent chasing around the countryside to watch bands ( while they are still here, as he puts it ) we enjoy. Last night was no exception.

We didn’t do the entire weekend but as our favourite band Union Gap UK was playing Saturday evening, with The 60s Allstars and Miss Sixties, we headed off to Brean Sands, a 45 minute drive away from us. Hubby drives there and I drive back, he likes a drink and I don’t, so that works well. The diet went a bit off course when we shared a pizza, but it was so big we didn’t manage to eat half of it.  Our band was on at 23.00 so late night for us by the time we got home.

I wore my favourite red and purple outfit. The red cardigan was bought in an outlet sale and both the purple mix top, with leather trim and the purple trousers were bought on eBay. Nearly all my jewellery comes from eBay too, I love to pick each piece to go with a particular item or give it a different look, casual or dressy.

Having got to bed in the early hours of this morning, after a really good night that made it worthwhile, I’m hoping for a nice relaxing Sunday. I have some planning to do for a fashion challenge but I can do that from my armchair with my feet up, after all they deserve a rest after all the dancing.


Too hot to handle

I think the heat got to me yesterday and made me feel bad, perhaps I didn’t drink enough and got dehydrated, whatever it was it wasn’t pleasant. Because of the heat I found it hard to sleep but when I did nod off the weather changed and a welcome breeze blew up, so I awoke to a much cooler day.

I was confined to the house because I still wasn’t feeling 100% but it was probably a good thing as parcels arrived one after the other. First the postman brought my Yves St Laurent lipstick, Rouge in Danger, it’s not as bright on as it looks in the case, it’s more sheer and smells like melon. I am very pleased with it.

 He also delivered an iPad case, much needed as my old one was falling apart and looking extremely tatty. My iPad has taken on a new lease of life and looks much smarter now.

Then came a delivery from Amazon, my next bullet journal, pen holder and pens. I won’t need it yet but I wanted a Berry one and the dotted ones in that colour seemed to be in short supply. I thought it best to get it while I could and I needed the pens anyway, buying them altogether gave me free postage.

I’m planning a new set up for next year, the old one worked well but I do like a change. I love my bullet journal, I used to have notes, recipes, menu plans, on scrapes of paper everywhere, now it’s all in on place. It’s as near to being organised as I’m going to get.


Hot and bothered

We have a heatwave and we aren’t used to it here in the UK. We went over to The Tavern at Brean Sands on Saturday evening to see our favourite band Union Gap UK and as we arrived early evening so many people going back to their cars, after a day on the beach, were looking more like boiled lobsters than people. Why do we Brits do that? One day of sun and that’s it, we buy sun lotion to take abroad and yet think we don’t need it at home. I’m not one of those people I might add, I am aware of the skin cancer worry.

The Gap were setting up when we got there so we had a chance to chat and get our tickets for the Fan Club Christmas Party off Denise who runs the Fan Club. It was nice to see her there as she has been really ill. It may be a long way off but the tickets are going fast.

It was a great night, I danced for most of it, bad leg or no bad leg, that didn’t stop me. Teresa came with us, my stepdaughter loves 60s music, she is her fathers daughter, so she took a photo of us with the Gap.

An hours drive home but it was worth it, we may even do this again next week when they are at The Seagull.


What a mistake to make

I had a really good day, I got up early because the sun was shinning and making the bedroom light and bright. I walked up the village to pay some bills that I didn’t want to pay on line, took a parcel to be retuned and bought some groceries. Hubby and I then walked over the gym, did our workouts, then walked home. Over 10,000 steps done easily.

I had spent 2 days cleaning so I didn’t need to do much today. The washing was blowing in the warm breeze, drying nicely so after a leisurely light lunch I had time for some pampering before going out this evening.

I decided to wear my blue skirt, it’s not a blue that’s in my palette but I love the way it floats. The top is not the best shape for me, as it is a bit square but I still like it, especially with this necklace that I hope gives it a longer line.

All ready to go to meet my friends at the Coach & Horses, Caerwent. I was glad we were meeting there as its not far for me to go. I arrived and waited, and waited, and waited. No one told me there was a Coach & Horses in Chepstow! By the time I found his out it was too late, so I went home.

Jacket potato with strong Welsh Ceddar, served with a fresh crisp green salad and coleslaw. Service was good and if I left myself a tip it would have been ” make sure you know where you are going to next time”

I consoled myself by buying a red Yves St Laurent lipstick from eBay. I have been admiring these lipstick cases for sometime, they are beautiful and my Romantic essence has been lusting over them but I wasn’t sure which colour to buy. Rouge in danger just seemed the right colour after tonight’s episode.

I can smile about missing a night out now, hopefully it won’t be too long until the next one.


Ladies that lunch

Years ago some ladies I worked with went out for a meal for one of the ladies 60th birthday. We had such a good time we decided to do it for each other’s big birthdays. News of our outings went through the store we worked in and as we were all over 50 they named us The Saga Girls. We celebrated 60th birthdays, then retirements and soon to be celebrating the first 70th birthday.

Retirement brought the chance to meet for lunch so we do it once a month, lunching in different local venues. There’s usually eight of us but we don’t all manage it every time. Today there were six.

I wore my mustard cropped  trousers again, mainly because the wind was blowing hard enough to wear my thick knit short sleeved waistcoat but not cold enough for a coat. I seem to living in these at the moment, but as soon as the weather breaks they will be too warm. First time I’ve worn these shoes, bought some time ago in a catologue sale, necklace from eBay.

Well known for my bling, most of my jewellery is bought with special pieces of clothing in mind and I won’t usually wear things unless the outfit feels complete. Today on eBay I bought these two necklaces which were crying out to be worn with these items of clothing.

Everyday is a chance to play when you are retired and I’m looking forward to wearing these.



Making up my mind

It’s been a strange sort of day. it’s been promising to rain but it hasn’t yet. Its just stayed grey and murky. Some time ago I preordered items from Kaleidoscopes Autumn catalogue and they have arrived. Just the right day for trying on Autumn clothing.

The first item is a dark green pocket dress, a perfect match to my palette and I already have accessories to match it. It appeals to my Playful Glamour style and can be dressed up or down. I will get a lot of wear from this so it’s definitely a keeper.

The second dress does match my palette but it is not a good fit as its wide across the back of the neck and very expensive for what it is. The sleeves aren’t 3/4 despite being described as such and that would limit its use to best, as I cannot work or do things in long sleeves without them driving me mad. It’s being returned, but having said that, if it turns up in a sale at a later date I might buy it.

The Never Binge Again eating is going extremely well as I have not eaten anything outside of my three meals a day for 3 weeks and I  have now decided not to eat cake or pastry ever again. I am quite happy to let them go out of my life forever, there are plenty of things I would rather have but I will let you know how I do with that.



Time for an update

While I was in Scotland last week my son had cause to use my phone, with which he was not impressed, ” get yourself a new one, this ones ancient ” was the remark he made. Yesterday I did just that and dumped my iPhone 4 in favour of an iPhone SE. That was the easy bit as I then had to download all my apps and music. I won’t say I found that easy but I did eventually conquer it and went off to bed quite pleased with myself.

I wasn’t actually looking to buy a new phone, in fact I was in the mall looking for a new washing machine, which by coincidence seems to have gone has high tech as the phone. They didn’t have the one Ive had my eye on but I was able to see one very similar, the same make but a different model. If it goes wrong it will tell me what’s wrong with it on my new phone! I’m having a think about that one and haven’t ordered it yet. My cooker and washing machine are the same age and you can bet which ever one I buy now the other will give up the ghost in sympathy.

Today hubby and I went to Cardiff for our Retired Staff Association meeting, shortly to be renamed Retired Colleagues. It was the first one in the new meeting place Dickens, a very nice tearoom. The Lady that owns it is kindly letting us have it all to ourselves on the one Thursday a month that we meet and providing tea, coffee and cake for £2 each as the charge for the room. Most of us bought sandwiches as well so she did quite well out of it. 

I have been allowing myself anything I like in the way of food as long as it was part of a meal with no eating in between and have been losing weight slowly but surely, a sort of non dieting diet.  I have been giving the cake eating a good deal of thought and was not sure if I would eat it or not, but when it came to the crunch I knew it was Pig that wanted to eat it not me. I don’t think I want to eat cake again, in fact I’m happy never to eat cake again!

I wore my mustard crop trousers and my new ” sale” top from Artigiano, with red accessories. This is one of my favourite necklaces, someone remarked that it reminded them of pomegranate seeds. 

I took the selfie with my new phone and love the way it seems to have knocked 10 years off me. If this is what technology does I’ll have more of that please.


Feeling proud

Vampire Pig arrived last night, the one that always shows up late at night when you are alone and tempts you to eat all the things you have been avoiding for days. He tempted me with thoughts of ice cream, biscuits and cheese but I recognised him even though he was cleverly disguised as hunger. He squealed loudly but I told him I was not listening to him and was not letting him get the better of me. I was surprised how easily he gave in and went away. I can’t thank Glen Livingstone PhD enough for his book Never Binge Again, it’s really working for me.

I went back to the gym today, a light workout, following the physiotherapists instructions of no treadmill. Hubby went for a swim while I did my leg and hip exercises in the water. There’s nothing wrong with my hip now but as I’ve had problems before I thought I might as well do them. We had a sauna to finish off, then shower, shampoo and good to go. I felt much better going out than when I went in.

My diet is going really well, tonight’s dinner was stir fry followed by raspberries and coconut yogurt. It was market day today and I bought 5 punnets of raspberries for £1, bargain! It’s helping having hubby eating healthy as well, there’s no chocolate, crisps or other goodies to tempt me and I’m very thankful for that.

I’m going to give myself a manicure now, just incase Vampire Pig decides to visit again this evening. I can’t nibble when I’m waiting for my nail varnish to dry.


Miracles do happen

What a day, lovely even though it’s pouring with rain, things couldn’t be better. I had to phone the hospital today to make an appointment to see the Physiotherapist and I thought I would do that early, so that it was done and out of the way. When I phoned they had just had a cancellation for this afternoon so I accepted that immediately and moved my grocery shopping trip to the morning. 

I wore my M&S crop trousers and my teal jumper M&Co jumper with my comfy Clarks shoes which are also teal, the only thing still in the shops are the trousers, everything else I’ve had for sometime. Having no black, white or grey in my John Kitchener palette I do have to think outside the box when it comes to mixing and matching, but at least all my colours resonate with one another. The bag colour is not in my palette, it is brighter, and that is why it doesn’t really coordinate with the rest. I do have a bag that is perfect but it’s too small for my purse, phone and shopping list pad, and also I like to have my hands free for shopping and not have to worry about my bag, this will go across body when I start to shop.

Some time ago I saw a skirt on the Artigiano site, I loved it and it fitted my palette so well, but it was £89 and I really couldn’t justify paying that much for a knitted skirt, so I passed it by. Before going to Scotland I saw it on eBay, new with tags size M, which is supposed to be size 10-12. The lady said she was size 10 but it was too big and she thought it was more like 14-16 and I know Artigiano is usually a generous fit. I decided to bid on it but not much as it might not fit. The starting bid was £1.99 so I put in my bid and leaving my iPad at home left for Scotland. I got home to find that no one else had bid on it and with postage I had got it for less than £5. It arrived today and it’s perfect. Oh I do love a bargain!

My physiotherapy appointment went well and hopefully I should be able to get the mobility back quite soon. I can still do the cycle, rower and cross trainer at the gym but no treadmill or Zumba at the moment. 

So today went well, but it’s still raining,


A small taste of success

I have just had four days with my son and his family. He has just bought a house in Haddington, Scotland and only moved in last week. We flew up to visit while they were supposed to be on holiday but ended up doing a fair bit to help. Advice was needed on some decorating, a door needed fixing and a wall needed demolishing. There’s still a lot to do but he has done so much already and it’s looking really nice. He will end up with a lovely home. Haddington is a very quaint historic town and the people seem really friendly, I think they will be really happy there.

I got to spend some time with my lovely granddaughter, she was waiting for me to go shopping with her to buy dolls clothes for her Our Generation doll April. We wasted no time in doing that, the shops in Scotland are open all day Sunday’s not just until 16.00 like here in Wales. I don’t get to see her very often so I do spoil her and we both love it, after all that’s what nannies are for.

On Monday, while she was in school ( yes it was a bank holiday, but as I said they do things different up there ) we went to the Museum of Flight. Nice to see Concorde and all the old planes but I’m glad we weren’t flying on one of them. We had a cuppa in the cafe before picking her up. We ate in and  later I got to read the bedtime story.


We ate out on Tuesday evening and had Scottish breakfast out on Wednesday morning, Lorne sausage ( square ) potato cake, haggis, bacon and egg. I love Haggis! We had a walk around Haddington while the sun shone and collected Lillie from school so that she could come to the airport to see us off. Lots of hugs and kisses to last until next time, a near to tears moment when I hugged my son and then off to catch the plane for the journey home. It’s not a long flight, only an hour but much better than over 6 hours drive.

I stuck to my no eating between meals and not letting my Inner Pig get his own way with really fattening food but I can’t say I actually dieted. When we had a cuppa at the museum I had a scone with just jam instead of carrot cake, when we had spaghetti I had garlic bread but no pudding. I came back half a pound lighter, which I was really pleased with and now June has arrived and the weather has turned much warmer my thoughts are turning towards summer clothes and sleeveless tops so I feel the need to keep at it, hopefully progress will be more noticeable in June.

I keep plodding on,