Back to the gym

After months of pain and Physiotherapy I finally got back to the gym. I suppose I could have gone back sooner but somehow I just didn’t feel like it. My thyroid was definitely out of sorts for a few weeks until I insisted that the pharmacy keep me on the same brand of thyroxine all the time as the one brand wasn’t doing anything for me. I asked very nicely and managed to get my point across but even though I’m on the best ones for me it has taken a while to get back to normal.

It felt good to get back to the exercise but I’m feeling a bit stiff now. Next on the list is Zumba, as you might remember that’s how I injured my leg in the first place but it’s my favourite form of exercise so it has to be done.

The weather has turned colder here and so when I saw this nice warm jumper in M&S, with 20% off, I found it hard to resist. it will go perfectly with my brick red skirt, dark green skirt and my ochre cropped trousers.

I was shopping with a friend and didn’t try it on, so it was nice to have to exchange it a few days later for a smaller size.

The diet is back on after the holiday but I think I am a long way off from getting into the red lace dress I wanted to wear to a Christmas party at the beginning of December. With only 4 weeks to go I am glad I have a back up plan.

Watch this space,



Sensational 60s

We had a really good night out last night. We drove to Weston Super Mare to see a show at the Playhouse. We love 60s music and there were some great acts on this show.

We even had a chance to catch up with Mike Pender, an original member of The Searchers. We haven’t seen him for quite a while and the last time we had a photo taken with him it dissappeared off hubbys phone.

I’m wearing the scarf my friend Gwen bought me when we were out in Tererife. I had altered her dress for her but refused to let her pay me, this was her way of thanking me. It’s lovely.

Diet is on again now the holidays over and we are back to reality. I have downloaded the Carbs and Cals app so that I can track things  better but I need to get back to the gym. 

That’s it for now, nothing much happened today except for a dentist appointment and writing out my shopping list for tomorrow. My son and his family flew down to Bristol from Edinburgh and the plane landed after the third attempt due to cross winds. They are visiting Sarah’s family today and tomorrow and will be over to me on Wednesday. I can’t wait for the cuddles!



I have just returned from a lovely week in Tererife with hubby and friends. We get on really well with Tom and Gwen so it’s a pleasure to spend time with them. We stayed at The Quayarmina Princess hotel in Costa Adeje.

We did 2 trips, the first being a boat trip out to see the whales and the second one was to La Gomera. Both enjoyable and very difference experiences. The boat was quite small and the sea quite choppy but we did see the whales, quite a few of them. Our guide on the La Gomera trip was very loud and over the top but kept us all entertained and we grew used to him as the trip went on. We saw dolphins on the way over on the ferry and La Gomera was stunning, a really good trip to do.

Tom managed to take the most unflattering picture of me which I will keep looking at whenever I am tempted to eat anything naughty.

Promising myself I will look much better when we meet up at Christmas!

The evening entertainment was very good, magicians, Abba take off, Bee Gees take off, Spainish dancers etc. We found something to watch most nights after dinner. Before dinner it was Sangia in a bar over looking the sea, well it had to be done.

I wore my new trousers that I bought in the M&S sale

And my new dress I bought from Roman.

My new jacket came in very useful on the way to Gatwick and on the way back. It was light but warm and was easy to pack away in my hand luggage while on the plane.

The holiday is over now and I have 8 weeks to our favourite bands Christmas Party and the party dress that I want to get into. I’m not sure I can do it but I am going to give it a try.

All for now,


Shopping spree

I love clothes but I actually own more clothes that I like on me than ones I love. As the weather turns colder I realised I needed a new jacket but the shops are full of padded jackets and I thought they would make me look like the Mitchellin man. Then I saw one in M&S and thought I would try it. I loved it, it was very light and came in red or teal. I decided the teal would be a better choice for me but as they didn’t have it in my size I had to order it. It’s Per Una.

I collected it today and when I went into get it there was a sale on. I wasn’t going to even look at anything but the rack I had to pass to get to the collection counter had a pair of trousers facing me and calling my name. I was in love! I had seen them online but they didn’t even look like the same trousers. They were a much nicer cream colour, wider and so silky. Only one pair in my size, until I checked the label. Wrong size on my size hanger, I hate it when that happens. 

When I got home I looked online and ordered them, they were M&S Collection, £20 reduced from £35. They only had them in long but if they fit everywhere else I can shorten them. Yesterday when I was sorting my wardrobe ready for winter I came across two tops I bought because I loved but haven’t worn and they will be perfect with them. 

This afternoon the postman delivered the dress I had ordered from Roman. I had been resisting it for a long time because it was only available online but as my holiday gets nearer my resistance has got lower and this week I was tempted by a 20% off offer and caved in. I am so glad I did, it’s beautiful. I have a cream sparkly short sleeved shrug and also a red 3/4 sleeved one, so I will get two different looks from the one dress while on holiday.

I’m spent out now so I’m not even looking at anything else for a while but I’m learning to buy only what I love and what loves me. Thankfully with my palette from John Kitchener I have a clear image of what suits me and mistakes are rare these days.

All for now,



Just incase you were wondering….

I have been really busy but it seemed to be the same old things so as I didn’t want to be boring I haven’t blogged for a while but the fight against the fat goes on. 

Our favourite band Union Gap UK have been at several venues not too far from us and so has Glen Leon from The New Amen Corner so we have made the most of this and seen them quite a few times. It’s good because we have made friends with other fans so we have met up with them too.

Our last outing was a weekend at Warners, Sinah Warren where we saw Eddinson Lighthouse, The Trems and Union Gap UK. I managed to get a fair bit of dancing in aswell as a Zumba class and a Line Dancing session, all good exercise. The food is exceptionally good there but I managed not to do too much damage.

Taking the fitted dress that my hubby liked helped as I knew every extra morsel would show but I did have a pudding each night although everything else was low carb.

I wore my lace dress on the last night. The Gap were playing and it had more room to move and dance in. I never sat down all evening.

I have been trying to sort out my wardrobe over the last few days. We have a week in Tenerife coming up and I have been sorting out the summer clothes I need to pack and putting away the rest. The weather has turned much colder and winter clothes need to take over my wardrobe.

My Retired Staff Assoication letter that arrived today contained my menu for the Christmas lunch. I can’t believe how quick this year is flying by. Christmas means parties, dancing and meals out, which also means party dresses and being in the limelight, no hiding in the corner. There is a red lace dress hanging up waiting for me, I bought it last year to wear to the Gaps Party and then the date was changed and we couldn’t go. I hope to wear it this year but wether I can squeeze into it in time is another matter. I am determined and I’m doing my best.

All for now, 


That extra touch

If you love something it’s for a reason. Thanks to John Kitchener I know my colours and essences, I know what I like and what likes me but even though most of my wardrobe interacts with the rest there is always something that hasn’t yet found its best use. My kimono was just such an item and although I loved it at first sight, the colour and feel, it just wasn’t being worn.


I recently bought a new blue dress for everyday wear, quite plain but I thought I could dress it up enough to satisfy my Playful Glamour style. I wore it to go out for lunch with some old school friends last week, teaming it with a scarf necklace that I bought some time ago. I was happy with the outfit, it was a casual meet up and everyone else was in jeans.

Today I wore it again but with beads instead of the scarf. I put it on and many would have been happy with it as it was but it wasn’t me. The dress on its own was too plain, no Playful Glamour at all, it needed something added. I suddenly remembered my rarely worn kimono, it’s pattern has the same blue as the dress. I tried it and was so pleased with the result, it suddenly became a perfect outfit for me.

I love it, this with be worn again, many times!

Today was lunch out with the Saga Girls Lunch group, not a very dressy occasion but I was comfortable because I felt like myself. Never be afraid to dress according to how you feel. I don’t dress down to fit in with others, I live my own life and nobody thinks it’s out of place, they accept me for who I am and wouldn’t expect any less of me.

Lunch was nice and I even indulged in an ice cream for afters as I have fancied ice cream for about 3 days. It was lovely and I’ve got it out of my system now and can go back to being good tomorrow.

All for now,




As you may remember I started this to help me keep on the straight and narrow path to weight loss. Well I am getting there, it may be slow but it’s progress. To be honest it did not move at all in the beginning even though I tried various things. Now however I have found my own combination of most of these methods and I am moving much faster in the right direction.

Over the years I have spent money at Weight Watchers and Slimming World, lost weight and then put it all back on and then some. I was determined this time I was going to find my own way, without it costing me money I could not afford to waste. I have looked at Carb Cycling, Never Binge Again, The Fast Diet and The 17 Day Diet and now I do my own version of a combination of all four. Muscle testing showed up the fact that I was severely dehydrated and could not tolerate gluten. I went on a 3 week cleansing diet to repair my leaky gut before reintroducing certain foods. So far I am fine with oats, yogurt, butter and cheese. I’m not really bothered about anything else as I feel great without them. I did try gluten free bread but that didn’t agree with me so that’s a no no.

I found that I enjoy Fasting, which came as a complete surprise. I find it easy and it makes me feel so much better. I have also got used to drinking more water and try to drink 8 glasses a day. I like to cook so cooking everything from scratch is no problem. I am eating well on the days I don’t fast. Tonight I made Pork Tangine, my own ” throw everything in and see what it turns out like ” recipe. No food is ever the same twice in this house.

Followed by Apple Berry crumble, made with butter, almond meal and coconut flour, topped with Greek Yogurt.

This afternoon I baked a batch of Oatbran Muffins, no dairy, no wheat. They have apple and berries in them and low sugar jam on the top. I vary the recipe each time I make them but usually use bananas. I didn’t have any bananas today so I used the last of the cooking apples my step daughter brought me instead. They look good enough to eat and lower the cholesterol at the same time.

Time to put my feet up now, keep my energy for tomorrow’s gym session. 

All for now, 


Lacock and Chippenham

Thursday our RSA ( retired staff association ) went to Lacock and Chippenham on a days outing. Luckily the rain that was promised stayed away and we had a lovely day.

I wore my ochre chinos and a silk knit jumper that I thought would be cool enough if it was warm yet warm enough if it was cool. I wore my trainers as on the last trip we walked so far I made my bad ankle even worse. My big yellow day out bag came too.

First stop was Lacock, a very quaint little village where they do a lot of historic filming. It’s owned by the National Trust and cant be modernised. We had coffee in a quaint old pub and then walked around the village and down to the church, passing some real old buildings on the way.

We then walked down to the abbey but didn’t have time to go inside.

Then it was time to get back on the coach and leave for Chippenham. We had our lunch on the way as it was easier for me to take a salad than to find something gluten, dairy and sugar free there. Hubby was happy with cheese rolls but he did have a beer when we got there. We found a pub along side the river where our friends had lunch, then we made our way back to the coach and home.

Another lovely day out over and done with until next time,


I’m still here but friend is going

It seems ages since I wrote anything but I’m still plodding along. I’ve just finished my 3 weeks of supplements and a gluten, dairy and sugar free diet. I will now gradually add yogurt, butter, cream and oats and see how I am with them. I have also done my first fast day as I was advised to do the 5 2 diet, still keeping to my healthy diet on the 5 days, it went extremely well.

Yesterday was Lunch Club day with the Saga Girls, my retired friends that I used to work with, and a rather sad one as my friend Jean is moving back to Scotland. Her house is sold and they are moving on Wednesady, so we have said our goodbyes. We had a nice lunch at The Boat, Chepstow, it’s one of our favourite places.

I picked my outfit to suit the weather as it was cloudy with a few sunny spells but threatening rain. New chinos bought in the M&S sale, a silky knit top and a scarf/necklace that I don’t seem to get much wear out of. I teamed it with my comfy Hotter shoes, my bag that matched my top and the earrings that I won by liking my friends blog post.

Second fast day today and a trip to the Physiotherapy Department about my leg which is slowly getting better. Also some enquires to be made about a holiday that we might take later this year. I will keep that and the bathing suit in mind while I’m doing my fast!

All for now, 


Still here

It’s ages since I wrote anything and you might be thinking I had fell off the wagon but that would be completely wrong. I’ve been missing in action because of the trouble we have had with my mother in law. She had my poor husband going up and down between  our house and her bungalow for weeks, any little thing she needed she expected him to get it immediately and take it down.

The last three weeks she has been ill with back pain, she must have had at least 3 ambulances, 4 paramedics and 6 doctors visits  but eventually this Tuesday they took in into hospital. They haven’t done anything to her or altered her medication but once in there she made a miraculous recovery. She wanted her phone so we took it down to her on Thursday. We stayed with her for 2 hours but as soon as we left she texted my husband to say she needed Polos. Things aren’t going to change but at least we are having a rest until she’s out again.

I have managed to stick to my gluten, grain, diary, sugar free diet despite the stress and I managed to get to the gym today for a good workout. I even turned down a meal out last night as I have to be strict for the three weeks I’m taking Perm A Vite for my leaky gut. After that I may be able to add things gradually and see how I am with them.

Dinner tonight was a hot chicken and bacon salad


I cooked the chicken and bacon with onion, mushrooms and spices so it was really tasty. I’ve got to be honest and say I am actually enjoying this clean eating. I won’t be changing too much in a hurry.

My clothes are feeling better on me, a bit more room. There’s an outfit of the day challenge coming up soon and I’m looking forward to it.

All for now,